New parameters of stiftung ear for the calculation of guaranteed payments from 2023 onwards

The calculation of the insolvency-proof guarantee under the ElektroG for financing the take-back and disposal of WEEE will change from 2023. Previous guarantee periods will remain unaffected. On September 1, 2022, stiftung ear announced updates to the following parameters:

  • Anticipated return rate in percent
  • Anticipated disposal costs

After major adjustments in 2020 - 2021, this time there will only be minor increases for Large Photovoltaic Modules and Small ITC devices. Otherwise, the warranty amounts remain stable or are reduced.

Nothing changes for you in the process: We will automatically issue the warranty documents according to the new calculation method. For our weee full-service and reporting service customers, we will, as usual, take care of depositing the guarantee amount with stiftung ear.

An overview of the new parameters can be found on the stiftung ear website (see rule 02-003).

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