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What does the CE marking on a product mean?  

By affixing the CE marking to a product, the manufacturer declares that this product complies with all applicable EU harmonisation legislation in the EU and that this has been demonstrated in a conformity assessment procedure.

If a product falls under one or more pieces of legislation, the
CE marking is mandatory and a prerequisite for placing it on the market or putting it into service.

What obligations does a manufacturer have in the context of CE marking?  

The manufacturer's obligations range from a conformity assessment, declaration of conformity (EU DoC) and marking of the product to technical documentation and the obligation to keep records.

Are you a manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic products and need assurance that you are placing your equipment on the market in the European Union (EU) in a CE-compliant manner? We can help you so that you can meet the requirements regarding
CE marking of your electrical and electronic product.

Our CE marking services for you:

  • Preparation and checking: We help you prepare an EU declaration of conformity based on your test reports and check that they are up to date.
  • Label check: Checking of operating instructions, type plate and packaging for legally required markings.
  • Basic package: CE list of requirements and EU declaration of conformity.
  • Premium package: CE list of requirements, EU declaration of conformity and technical documentation.
  • Consulting for individual needs: Outsourced compliance solutions - we help you organise, evaluate and update your technical documentation.
  • In-house training: We train you and your team in the area of CE conformity.

Crisis consulting: If the market supervisory authorities (e.g. Federal Network Agency // Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health) have already contacted you, we will be happy to support you.

No matter to what extent you are affected or how much support you need, with us you will find the right help for your company - individual, multilingual and with transparent costs around the CE marking of electrical products.

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Free live online seminar: "The CE mark - the responsibility of manufacturers"

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More about our CE service

Bringing a product onto the European market in conformity with CE requires a lot of expertise and a lot of documentation. We help you with expertise and competence!

No matter to what extent you need support, with us you will find the right help for your company - our CE consulting: individual, multilingual and with transparent costs around the CE marking of electrical products.

We support you both in drawing up CE requirement lists so that you know which EU directives and standards your products fall under and which required test reports and other documents (in English) you need for your technical documentation. This list is an excellent basis not only to get an overview but also to approach testing laboratories to order test reports. Or perhaps you have just received an offer from a testing laboratory and would like to find out whether the standards listed are sufficient or can be deleted. We would be happy to take a look at that!

We are also happy to support you in drawing up an EU Declaration of Conformity (EU DoC) - either on the basis of your test reports and certificates or on the basis of your CE list of requirements. We are also happy to translate your EU DoC into other EU languages.

Are you unsure whether the technical documentation of the original manufacturer is up-to-date and complete or do you need support in preparing your technical documentation? Thanks to the CE requirements list, we offer you a detailed and clear basis for fulfilling your manufacturer responsibility and preparing a TD that is as complete as possible. The only prerequisite: You provide all necessary documents according to the CE requirements list. Once we have created your technical documentation, we will also be happy to archive it for you, so that you comply with your legal obligation to keep records (10 years) and have access to your CE documentation in the event of official enquiries. We will also inform you if new regulatory changes need to be taken into account during the distribution period of your product, which require adjustments to the technical documentation.

To round off our all-round carefree package, we check your operating instructions, the type plate and the packaging of your product with regard to prescribed labels, warnings and technical information for a specific country (EU). Simply click on Label-Check on our web form and ask us.

Perhaps you would like more know-how on CE issues for your department? If so, please contact us for a CE consultation and we will be happy to make you an individual offer, e.g. for an in-house training course!

You need a "CE certification"?

Allow us a little digression here, because we are very often asked about "CE certificates" or a "CE certification". There is no such thing as a CE certificate! Perhaps you mean the EU declaration of conformity, which testifies to the conformity of your product & lists all CE-relevant standards and directives & must be signed by the manufacturer - or perhaps you mean a test certificate from a test laboratory. Test certificates that are used by manufacturers or importers as EU declarations of conformity are always in circulation by mistake. Therefore, always check exactly which documents you include in your technical documentation!

In the event of an inspection of your TD by customs or a market surveillance authority (e.g. Federal Network Agency or Federal Office for Occupational Safety and Health), this may constitute a gross error that could give rise to a further more in-depth inspection.

Did you know that the Federal Network Agency can demand a declaration of conformity within one week?

In 2021, the Federal Network Agency has blocked approximately 23 million products. Why? The products had technical errors and formal deficiencies in the technical documentation and the EU declaration of conformity. If you don't know whether your EU declaration of conformity is still up to date or you don't yet have a declaration of conformity for your products, we can help you. Contact us!

Low voltage, radio equipment, RoHS & Co. - Exactly our world!

As a manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic products, you are subject to a number of directives, laws and regulations on CE marking. And this is precisely where our expertise lies. We specialise in CE conformity in the areas of: Electrical Safety, Low Voltage (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMCD), Radio Equipment (RED), Ecodesign and Energy Consumption (ErP), Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), EU Regulation for Energy Consumption Labelling (Energy Label).

Contact us and we will find an individual solution for you!

Is your product affected by a CE directive?

Legal background

If manufacturers are affected by these requirements, they must first determine on their own, before placing the product on the market, which directive(s) apply to each specific product, as well as the directives’ respective requirements and the obligations of each member of the supply chain.

Products, which fall under one of the CE directives, may only be placed on the market if they meet all legal requirements, prepared a CE declaration and have a CE label. We are pleased to support your fulfillment of these legal obligations with our CE service.

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