Service for CE marking

CE conformity for electrical and electronic products

You are a manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic products and need certainty that you sell your devices in a CE-compliant manner in the European Union (EU)?

We tell you which EU directives and standards apply to your product, which verification documents you need, whether they are up to date and complete, or even what information must be on the type plate of the device. In short, how you can meet all the requirements regarding the CE marking of your product. 

CE marking compliance solutions for the entire EU

  • CE list of requirements
  • EU Declaration of Conformity, EU DoC
  • Translation service for the EU DoC in further languages of your choice
  • Technical Documentation
  • Support in obtaining documents
  • Archiving according to CE retention obligation
  • Updating in case of regulatory changes
  • Modification of the technical documentation and/or the EU DoC in order to comply with regulatory changes
  • Check of operating instructions, type plate and packaging (see label check)

What else?

  • Support in finding suitable testing institutes
  • Requirement list and declaration of conformity for Great Britain (see UKCA service)

What are the costs? 

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Low voltage, radio systems, RoHS & Co. – Exactely the world we live in!

As a manufacturer or importer of electrical and electronic products, you are subject to a number of directives, laws and regulations concerning CE labelling.

And this is exactly where our expertise lies. We are specialised in CE conformity in the areas of:

  • Electrical safety, low voltage (LVD)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMCD)
  • Radio equipment (RED)
  • Ecodesign and energy consumption (ErP)
  • Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (RoHS)
  • EU regulation for energy labelling.

More about our CE service

No matter to what extent you are affected or how much support you need, with us you will find the right help for your company – individual, multilingual and with transparent costs around the CE marking of electrical products.

CE list of requirements

We create a list of EU directives and standards applicable to the CE conformity of your product in English language.

EU declaration of conformity (EU DoC)

We create a draft of the EU declaration of conformity (EU DoC) for your product, in one language of your choice, based on the CE requirements list. We translate your EU DoC into other EU languages.

Technical Documentation

We create the technical documentation for your product, including the CE requirements list and an EU DoC, in one language of your choice.

Prerequisite for this service: You provide all necessary documents in accordance with the CE requirements list.

We provide support in obtaining the required documents from your suppliers and assume responsibility for the inquiry, including sending an one-time reminder. If required, we provide your suppliers with an explanation of the individual requirements.

We archive your technical documentation so that you comply with your statutory retention obligation (10 years) and have access to your documents in the event of official enquiries.

We will inform you if, during the distribution period of your product, new regulatory changes come into effect which require modifications of the technical documentation.

Check of operating instructions, type plate and packaging

We check the operating instructions, the type plate and the packaging of your product with regard to prescribed markings, warnings and technical specifications for a specific country (EU).

More about our label check

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The CE mark: the responsibility of the manufacturer – The path to CE labelling



Useful links

What are the legal aspects of CE labelling?


Is your product affected by a CE directive?

Legal background

If manufacturers are affected by these requirements, they must first determine on their own, before placing the product on the market, which directive(s) apply to each specific product, as well as the directives’ respective requirements and the obligations of each member of the supply chain.

Products, which fall under one of the CE directives, may only be placed on the market if they meet all legal requirements, prepared a CE declaration and have a CE label. We are pleased to support your fulfillment of these legal obligations with our CE service.

CE directives