Amendment of the ElektroG3 – Upcoming changes for manufacturers and dealers

The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) has published a first draft for the German law ElektroG3 (German only). The new law for Germany’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act shall come into force 01.01.2022. 

Everything new or not?

The draft of 16 September 2020 plans the following essential changes for manufacturers and distributors or authorised representatives:

  • A take-back concept for B2B equipment is mandatory.
  • The obligation to label the crossed-out garbage bin also applies to B2B equipment.
  • Return options for B2B equipment are obligatory without exception.
  • Independent of the purchase of a new appliance, the take-back obligation is introduced for food distributors with a total sales area of at least 800 square meters who sell electrical products several times a year.
  • Devices up to 50 cm (previously 25 cm) must be taken back free of charge within the scope of retail take-back obligation.
  • The information on the obligation to remove used batteries and accumulators is obligatory on B2C appliances.
  • Information on registration is extended by: list of Member States and name of the respective designated authorised representative in the Member States where producers distribute EEE by means of distance communication.

Beyond that the new ElektroG will introduce market place offerers and fulfilment companies as economic participants. This could result in the establishment of a new business model in the future. A model in which marketplace providers such as Amazon and eBay act as authorized representatives for manufacturers outside the EU.

The aim of the ElektroG stays the same!

The aim is to avoid or reduce the harmful effects of the production of electrical and electronic equipment. Our resources are to be conserved by an environmentally friendly recycling of old products.

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