Sneak peek on the new Packaging Act

It's a fact: The Packaging Act will be amended and will come into force 3. July 2021. 

Here you will find a preview of the most important points:

  • Soon all packaging must be registered with the Central Packaging Register.
    From 1. July 2022, this will also apply to transport packaging that is not subject to system participation.

    Fun Fact: Online marketplaces and fulfilment service providers are responsible for checking their products. That is, whether the manufacturers who sell on their platform also comply with the Packaging Act.

  • An absolute novelty is the minimum quota of recycled plastic (recyclate): from 2025, non-returnable PET bottles must consist of at least 25% recycled plastic, and from 2030 even 30%.
    What makes it special: You as the producer determine how you meet the minimum quota – in each individual bottle or spread over your total production. The production within a business year counts. 
  • From 2023, alternatives must also be offered for disposable food packaging.
    This is to be solved by reusable take-away packaging for food and beverages.
  • Fruit juices or alcoholic mixed drinks will be subject to a deposit. For milk and milk products, there is a longer transition period until 2024.

On 20.01.2021, the Federal Cabinet adopted this proposal by the Federal Ministry for the Environment to amend the Packaging Act.

Read more about the current Packaging Act here.

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