Registering batteries with stiftung ear - How it works!

The new BattG2 stipulates that as of 1 January 2021 stiftung ear will take over tasks such as the registration of manufacturers and the approval of take-back systems.

So what has been done at the Federal Environment Agency up to now will now be handled via the ear portal. We have summerized what you need to know:


From when can battery registrations be applied for?

You can apply for registration from January 1, 2021. Currently, stiftung ear expects a processing time of about 3-4 weeks until the registration is confirmed.


Will my data be transferred automatically?

There is no automatic transfer of the BattG reporting data from the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) to stiftung ear, which means you must register actively and independently with stiftung ear  individually per brand and battery type. This also applies to foreign manufacturers without a branch in Germany.

We will be happy to help you with this concern, just contact us. Please note, that therefore an official written power of attorney is required. Manufacturer and authorized representative will then receive a registration number (example: "BattG-Reg.-Nr.: DE XXXXXX"). The BattG registration number is not the same as the WEEE number.


I already have an account in the ear portal, can I use that for the battery registration as well?

Yes, registered manufacturers and authorized representatives according to the ElektroG can continue to use the already existing user account. An additional account is not necessary.

When you create a new account, you can choose whether you want to keep it as an ElektroG or BattG account. You can also create an account for both laws together. It will help you to save double fees for changes in the master data and of course your own administrative effort.


What costs will I have to pay?

For each registration of a combination of brand and battery type (whether portable, industrial or automotive battery) a one-time fee is due. According to No. 2.1 of the ElektroGGebV, this is currently EUR 143.60 plus VAT per registration.

Furthermore, for the initial registration of portable batteries, an additional one-time fee is charged for the connection to an existing take-back system or for the establishment of an own take-back system. According to No. 2.3 of the ElektroGGebV, this fee is currently EUR 22.00 plus VAT.

The fees of the stiftung ear can be found here (in German only).


What do I need to know about registering industrial or automotive batteries?

As is currently the case in the BattG register of the Federal Environment Agency, descriptions of the return options for the corresponding spent batteries ("return declaration") or of the deviating agreement between the manufacturer and the customer must be provided. This information will also appear in the public register in the future.


Is it necessary to specify a return system when registering portable batteries?

Yes, you can select one of the manufacturer owned take-back systems from the drop-down menu or enter your own details for a take-back system you have set up yourself.


Can I still join a take-back system after registering in the ear portal?

If possible, you have already joined a take-back system before registering, but you can do this later, especially since the processing time of stiftung ear should give you some time. The ear portal does not require any information about the participant number and the information about the date of joining the take-back system is also only voluntary.


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