Briefly explained: EPR Registration number

Extended Producer Responsiblity "EPR" is on everyone's lips right now. What is this all about? Manufacturers are supposed to take responsibility for the return and proper disposal or environmentally friendly recycling of their products.

This applies above all to all types of packaging, electrical and electronic equipment as well as batteries, and starts with registration in accordance with the law.

Since manufacturers and traders sell these types of products on marketplaces, marketplace operators will in future be obliged to check their customers with regard to their registration. Manufacturers and sellers who have not registered their products in the country where they sell them will be banned from the marketplaces. Currently, one of the largest e-commerce operators Amazon is in the process of asking its customers for proof of the "EPR registration number".

If you now start looking for your EPR registration number, you will be unsuccessful. This is because the EPR registration number does not mean a new number, but one of the existing registration numbers with one of the official EPR organisations. In Germany, the following registration numbers are valid as proof of EPR conformity:

  • WEEE Registration number for Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE)
  • Battery Registration number for Batteries & Accumulators
  • Registration number for Packaging

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