ElektroG 2018: Federal Environmental Agency closely monitoring adherence to new legal requirements

As of August 2018, clothing and furniture fitted with electrical features will also have to comply with the ElektroG. In a recent press release, the Federal Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA) announced that it would be monitoring adherence to the new legal requirements very closely.

According to UBA, even in the past many manufacturers have “been encouraged to fulfil their duties as manufacturers in accordance with the ElektroG, by effectively enforcing penalties for regulatory offences committed by so-called freeriders. This is also confirmed by the steadily increasing number of manufacturers registered with stiftung ear. In future too, UBA will institute proceedings for regulatory offences against companies that are not properly registered in Germany, as soon as an initial suspicion arises.”

The full UBA press release may be found here.

We are able to support manufacturers, retailers and importers of electrical equipment when it comes to registering their products and fulfilling their obligations under the ElektroG. Please contact us for a personal offer.

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