ElektroG: From registering to selling products

Clothing and furniture must comply with the ElektroG too

As of 15th August 2018, clothing and furniture fitted with electrical features will also have to comply with Germany’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), just like computer technology and household appliances. In order to operate within the law, manufacturers and retailers must register their products with stiftung EAR before they can go on sale. Registering products can take up to three months. We will be happy to assist you with the registration.

Leuchten lampen ElektroG

Instructions: Selling electronic products in accordance with the law, in six easy steps

  1. Carefully check your product portfolio: Companies should check which products they have in their Portfolio and whether these need to comply with the ElektroG.
  2. Assign products to given product categories: when registering with stiftung EAR, companies must assign their electronic equipment to specific categories. Companies should do this in advance. Stiftung EAR offers guidelines for this on their website.
  3. Furnish evidence of an insolvency-proof guarantee: This guarantee is to ensure that even if a company goes bankrupt, the electronic equipment that has already been sold can still be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Companies selling B2C products must present this guarantee when registering with stiftung EAR. We can provide you with such a guarantee.
  4. Find a waste management company: Companies must arrange for the disposal of waste electrical equipment themselves and delegate this task to a certified waste management company. Together with our cooperating partners, we are able to offer you favourable terms and conditions.
  5. Register products with stiftung EAR: All electrical products which companies want to sell in Germany must be registered with stiftung EAR. To do so, they not only need a guarantee and a waste management company, but also a tax registration number, details of the brands sold, photos of the products and German-language product descriptions.

weee full-service has more than ten years of experience in working together with stiftung EAR. We will be happy to assist you in registering your products correctly as quickly as possible, so that you can go ahead with selling them.

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