France: New obligations for labelling with Triman and Infotri

The Triman and Infotri labels for electrical appliances and batteries will become mandatory for manufacturers and importers in France in 2022. The Triman logo is a symbol in force in France which stands for the recyclability of a product. It means that this product is collected separately and is therefore subject to extended producer responsibility. The Infotri label contains important sorting information for end consumers.


Which labelling applies to household appliances (B2C products)?

  1. Consumer information on sorting rules consists of the Triman symbol or crossed-out bin together with Infotri giving detailed sorting instructions. This information applies to any household product put on the market.
  2. The Triman + Infotri may be indicated either directly on the product or on the packaging. Depending on the size of the product, this information can also be indicated in the product's instructions for use or on the manufacturer's website. The guide linked here explains the display rules using three product examples:
    • Product without packaging and without instructions
    • Product with packaging and without instructions
    • Product with packaging and instructions for use 
  3. As a matter of principle, consumer Information on sorting rules must be displayed on the product, its packaging or, failing that, in the other documents supplied with the product (instruction leaflet, guarantee document, etc.).
  4. If several elements of the product are subject to different sorting arrangements, these arrangements must be detailed item by item. For example, for a television set, the power cord and the remote control, Infotri should specifically refer to each accessory.
  5. The European Crossed-out Bin symbol can be used instead of the Triman symbol for EEE, portable batteries, photovoltaic Panels and lamps.
  6. The Crossed-out Bin symbol – instead of the Triman – in information to consumers on sorting rules does not remove the obligation to display the Crossed-out Bin on the Product, as required by the EU WEEE Directive.
  7. For Electrical and Electronic Equipment that uses portable batteries or lamp bulbs, a single consumer information on sorting rules is sufficient («This device and its battery are recyclable», «This lamp and its bulb are recyclable» etc.).

Here you can find the complete guide incl. design details for the Triman and Infotri obligations for electrical appliances and batteries: Download Guide

What deadlines apply?

  • Triman + Infotri must be applied to new products by 15 December 2022.
  • Stocks can still be sold off until 15 June 2023.

Which labelling applies to industrial appliances (B2B products)?

The manufacturer is not obliged to place the Triman logo and/or the Infotri-Smybol on the EEE or the battery itself, nor on the respective packaging, as these two markings are only mandatory for household appliances. The type of packaging is determined by the type of end user. In this case, since the EEE is intended for a professional purpose, its packaging is also considered professional.What does the Triman logo look like?

Does only the Triman + Infotri apply to electrical products or is there something else to consider?

No, manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment for household use (B2C equipment) and of batteries must also follow the guidelines for packaging information. There is a separate Triman guide for household packaging for this purpose. For packaging with the Triman + Infotri marking, an additional period of 3 months is granted. The deadline for the expiry of stocks of Triman + Infotri has also been postponed to 15 June 2023.

All style specifications and links to the download files can be found in the user manual for the Triman logo: Download Style-Guide Triman for packaging

Did you know?

In France, there are several extended producer responsibilities (EPRs). Each EPR has its own Triman + Infotri. Manufacturers must combine each EPR Triman+ Infotri, e.g. for:

  • Elektro- and electronic equipment
  • Batteries
  • Textiles
  • Household packaging
  • Furniture

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