France: Triman logo obligatory directly on product or packaging as of 2022

The Triman logo is a symbol used in France to indicate the recyclability of a product. It means that this product is collected separately and is therefore subject to extended producer responsibility. As of this year, the logo also applies to electrical appliances and from 2022, it will be mandatory to affix it directly to the product.

Where must the Triman logo be affixed?

In France, from 1 January 2022, the Triman logo must be placed directly on the electrical product itself. The logo is also permitted on the packaging or the instructions or documents supplied with the product.

Until now, a notice in the online shop of the product was sufficient. This is no longer the case.

What does the Triman logo look like?

The minimum width is 0.6 cm. The logo can be used internationally without a licence. All style specifications and links to the download files can be found in the user guide to the Triman logo: Download Style-Guide Triman

All deadlines at one glance:

01.01.2022: Official introduction of the new Triman logo. As of this date, all manufacturers must display the new Triman logo on their new packaging. There is an official implementation period of 9 months for the manufacturers.

08.09.2022: End of transition period for conversion to Triman logo

03.09.2023: End of transitional period for the sale of old stocks

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