Guide: Nine steps to CE marking

Whether smartphone, printer or monitor: almost all electronic products require a CE marking before they can be sold in the European Union. There are many directives and regulations for this, which manufacturers must observe on their own responsibility. This means that the manufacturing company is obliged to carry out a conformity assessment, to issue a declaration of conformity and to mark the products with the CE marking. Only then may the product be placed on the market and put into operation. This has its pitfalls: Time and again, authorities take products off the market that are not only insufficiently labelled, but also have partly formal and partly serious technical defects.

To help companies find their way through the jungle of directives and regulations, this new guide describes compactly in nine steps what their tasks are in the context of CE conformity of their products - before the start of sales, during sales and from the end of sales. In addition, an introductory section summarises general information on the CE marking and explains the tasks of the other economic operators (authorised representatives, importers, distributors, fulfilment centres).

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