International E-Waste Day on 14th October: #WEEEcleanup challenge

International E-Waste Day is being held for the second time running on 14th October, to increase awareness of e-waste recycling. The day was founded by the WEEE Forum (International Association of Electronic Waste), with a view to promoting public awareness about the recycling of electronic waste and calling upon consumers to turn in their faulty devices to be disposed of professionally.

On 20th September, we launched our #WEEEcleanup challenge as part of the Fridays for Future protests, with the motto “Give your electrical equipment a new lease of life!”. This challenge will remain open until 14th October. On top of this, we are going to be posting information, including logos, on our website and on social media channels as part of International E-Waste Day.

You are welcome to take part in our #WEEEcleanup challenge or to launch your own activities. Collective systems, disposal contractors and companies will all be getting together for the first time to raise awareness of this issue. You can be a part of it too! All the information about International E-Waste Day is available on the website of the WEEE Forum.

#WEEEcleanup challenge