Launch of Stiftung EAR’s nationwide awareness campaign "Drop It Like E-Schrott"

At the end of last year, Stiftung EAR’s nationwide awareness campaign Drop It Like E-Schrott was launched. The campaign is especially aimed at consumers; its goals are to create consumer awareness about returning old electrical equipment and to motivate them to dispose of their old appliances correctly so that the collection rate in Germany will increase in the long term.

According to Stiftung EAR, the four main characters in Drop It Like E-Schrott are Franzi, Erik, Gero and Frauke. They reflect the different target groups and are humorously exaggerated when confronted with various everyday challenges. The campaign does not want to approach people with finger-wagging, it prefers to use a little fun to make consumers aware of the disposal of old electronic devices.

How can companies help?

Companies can support the project as disseminators by spreading useful information and messages. For example, through the following channels:

  • in their own stores/subsidiaries
  • at reusable material yards and recycling Centers
  • in their Offices
  • on their Website
  • in the Intranet
  • in Newsletters
  • via Social Media

Stiftung EAR provides extensive materials for this purpose (only in German though):

  • Print materials like posters and flyers
  • Life-size displays (indoor & outdoor)
  • Digital communication media like graphics, logos and Videos
  • Useful downloads incl. order form

An overview of all the communication channels of the Drop It Like E-Schrott Campaign:

The campaign does not run under Stiftung EAR’s name, but under the private label Plan E, as consumers are not familiar with Stiftung EAR. Drop It Like E-Schrott is supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Environment Agency. The campaign is financed by Stiftung EAR. It is designed for the long term and is to run in the coming years. Further background information can be found in the Stiftung EAR newsletter.