New ElektroG3 – next step towards collection rate

The German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act has already been amended for the second time. The ElektroG3 will enter into force on 1.1.2022 with some transition periods.

The amendment aims in particular at achieving the collection rate of 65% of EEE put on the market. The means to this end is the expansion of the network of collection points, for example in the food retailers.

And there is another major novelty: the new ElektroG aims to prevent free-riding by manufacturers from abroad with the help of online marketplaces or fulfilment service providers.

In addition, e-waste is to be prepared for reuse to a greater extent through better access to primary treatment facilities.

An overview for manufacturers and traders:

  • Inclusion of food retailers in the obligation to take back old electrical appliances, provided they have more than 800 square metres of shop space and offer electrical appliances several times a year. (from 01.07.2022)
  • An audit obligation for online marketplaces and fulfilment service providers with regard to registration with stiftung ear will be introduced. (from 01.01.2023)
  • It must be possible to remove used batteries and accumulators without any problems and without destroying them, and with commercially available tools.
  • The container sizes that producers place with public waste management authorities must be reduced from 30 to 20 cbm.
  • New reporting obligations:
    1. Separate quantity reporting of second-hand equipment outside Germany.
    2. Details of the authorised representative in the case of distance selling outside Germany.
  • Extension of the term "placing on the market" by making an electrical appliance available on the German market again, which was exported from Germany.

The current draft law (German only) has been submitted to the Federal President for signature.

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