New ElektroG3: Notification obligations for manufacturers

In future, the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act will require a separate quantity report for used equipment outside Germany. This means that manufacturers or their authorised representative must report their sales quantities separately if:

  • the electrical equipment was previously placed on the market in Germany,
  • then was taken back as used equipment by the end user and
  • were subsequently exported abroad.

In addition, distributors must report the quantities of WEEE that have been prepared for re-use or recycled separately by category.

New obligations for registration with the stiftung ear:

In the case of distribution by means of distance communication to other member states of the European Union, a list of member states and the name of the respective appointed authorized representative in the member states must be filed at the time of registration.

The new ElektroG3 will come into force on 01.01.2022.

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