New ElektroG3: take-back obligation of old electrical appliances for food retailers

With the amendment of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, the take-back obligations that already exist for dealers of electrical equipment are extended to discounters, supermarkets and food retailers. Provided that the shop area is larger than 800 m² and electrical appliances are sold several times a year, WEEE must also be taken back free of charge in these shops in future. The regular sale of lamps, such as LED or energy-saving lamps, is sufficient for this.

0:1 take-back with up to 25 cm edge length

In future, old electrical appliances with an edge length of up to 25 cm will also be able to be handed in as above mentioned. This rule applies independently of the new purchase of an item and also to products that were not previously purchased in this shop or the same chain. Anything larger than 25 cm can only be handed in at food retailers if a comparable product is bought there, for example as part of a promotion.

The amendment of the law closes previous loopholes so that online retailers can actually actively offer their customers free collection and disposal of old appliances every time they buy new ones. More return points are to be made more easily accessible to consumers, thus increasing the collection rate, especially for small appliances.

Take-back obligations for e-commerce

Online trade is also included in the take-back obligation. Here, sales and storage space are the decisive factors. When purchasing a new EEE, online retailers must actively offer free collection and disposal of the old equipment in categories 1 (heat transmitters), 2 (monitors) and 4 (large appliances) with an edge length of more than 50 cm.

The take-back obligation takes effect after a transitional period from 01.07.2022.

Did you know?

In future, all official collection points nationwide must be uniformly labelled. The logo is designed by stiftung ear and serves to improve and speed up recognition.

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