Open Scope: Changes in the law coming into force next year also apply to companies selling commercially used electrical and electronic devices

The revision of the WEEE Directive means that substantial changes are coming into force next year which will affect the sale of electronic equipment. These changes to the law also apply to companies selling products that are intended for commercial use (so-called B2B equipment). As of 15th August 2018, the so-called Open Scope, which is leading to changes in the product categories, will apply to them too. In future, products will primarily be assigned according to size rather than function. This also means that new products will in future be subject to the ElektroG. This new classification of products applies in other EU countries as well.

A so-called B2B registration is required if manufacturers are bringing equipment to the market that is used exclusively in areas other than private households or that are not normally used in private households. The deciding factor here is not the distribution channel but rather the actual use to which the equipment is put. The registration process for B2B equipment in Germany is somewhat different from that for B2C equipment. For example, companies that sell commercially used products do not need to provide a guarantee.

At regular intervals, the European WEEE Registers Network (ERWN) publishes information that is intended as guidance for companies. One example of this is the decision trees for determining whether fixed installations and industrial tools are within the scope of the WEEE Directive and therefore require registration.

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