Pressinformation - ElektroG 2018: Producer and distributor of electronic devices have to review their registrations

  • On 26th October 2018 Stiftung EAR will execute the automatic transformation of the product registration into new product categories 
  • Companies have to review their product registration after the automatic transfer

The registration of electronic devices changed due to the reform of the German WEEE-law (the ElektroG). According to the ElektroG, producers, distributors and importers of electronic devices have to register their products in Germany with Stiftung EAR and assign the products to certain product categories.

As a result of the changes in the ElektroG, the number of categories has been reduced from ten to six. In future, products will primarily be assigned to a category according to size rather than function. Stiftung EAR will automatically transfer all registered products to the new categories on 26th October 2018. For each existing product category, a successor category has been defined. Companies need to check whether the automatic transfer procedure has assigned their products to the correct category and whether product registrations need to be applied in additional product categories.

"Although the new specification for old electrical equipment has been known for months, it still hits many companies unprepared," says Anja Olsok, Managing Director of Bitkom Servicegesellschaft. "If you want to avoid possible fines of up to 100,000 euros and warnings from competitors, you should register your business immediately with the EAR foundation.

The background to the forthcoming changes is the amendment of the ElektroG in 2015, the introduction of the Open Scope of application being one of the last implementations of the new ElektroG. Germany thus complies with the requirements of the European WEEE Directive. Other EU countries such as Austria and France have already implemented these legal requirements. Like Germany, the other EU countries still have to follow suit.

The weee full-service has compiled extensive information and short explanatory videos for affected companies and informs about the upcoming changes in free online seminars and information events with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce. The 45-minute online seminars provide participants with an overview of the requirements they must meet when selling their electronic products: for an overview and registration.