"It's all about quantity!" – interview with NOVENTIZ

The Dual Systems in Germany have joined forces and are making a common cause as part of the „mülltrennung-wirkt.de“ campaign: uniform separation labels on packaging are intended to provide consumers with clarity about where they can dispose of the material - in the yellow bin or yellow sack, in waste paper or waste glass. We discussed how exactly this works and why the initiative is so valuable with Noventiz CEO Dirk Boxhammer.

Who started the initiative?

In discussions with manufacturers, the question repeatedly came up as to what can be done to make it as easy as possible for consumers to dispose of their packaging in such a way that it can be easily recycled. In the past, some manufacturers have already put individualised labels on their packaging. The separation labels now jointly developed by Dual Systems as part of the "mülltrennung-wirkt.de" campaign are intended to be an offer to manufacturers to increase the recognition effect on consumers through the uniformity of the presentation.

What is the aim of the campaign?

The campaign "mülltrennung-wirkt.de" aims to create more information and transparency regarding the collection and recycling of packaging. At the same time, the separation instructions are intended to ensure a better quality of the collected materials and a reduction of the so-called "wrong throws" - i.e. the materials that really have no place in the collection of packaging.

It's all about quantity! It is a question of reducing the number of misthrows in private households. On average, 30% of waste in Germany is simply disposed of incorrectly. If, for example, a cow's head ends up in yellow bin for packaging (unfortunately, this is no joke) or a yoghurt pot in the residual waste, it cannot be recycled in an environmentally sound manner. The goal is for at least 70% of all packaging waste to be recycled by the end of 2030. If we want to achieve this, we have to close material cycles.

How exactly does that work?

Uniform and yet completely individual. Simple symbols with recognition value are used to identify your own packaging. In the basic layout, they contain both the different types of material of the packaging and the information on where it must be disposed of. We hope that this will have a long-term learning effect. In addition, the separation notice can be adapted to the corporate design of the manufacturer. For example, the addition of text elements or QR codes with a reference to additional information for consumers is optional.


How is this initiative different from others of its kind?

It is a cross-manufacturer educational symbol for proper waste separation. The special thing about this is that the licence to use the packaging logo is free and voluntary.

Would you like the dual systems to do more together?

From the consumer's point of view, it would make perfect sense. In any case, we are pleased that the cooperation between the nine dual systems involved went very well. After all, it is in everyone's interest that the quality of waste separation and collection improves. We need high-quality recycling in order to sustainably close material cycles and thus contribute to CO2 savings. And we can achieve this better together.

For more information about the packaging logo and the initiative, see www.trenn-hinweis.de.

The interview was originally conducted with Dirk Boxhammer, Managing Director of the Dual System NOVENTIZ GmbH and was translated into English.

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