Stiftung EAR’s annual statistics release (2019) coming up

Postponement of the deadline of Stiftung EAR’s annual statistics report
Due to Corona the deadline of Stiftung EAR’s annual statistics release (GER: Jahres-Statistik-Mitteilung) for 2019 will be moved to 31.May 2020.

Manufacturers and distributors of electrical appliances are now obliged to submit the annual statistics report to Stiftung EAR by 31th May 2020.

At the EAR-portal there is a separate menu item to submit the notification in the "Activities" area. If you have not already submitted the message, you will find this task as a reminder in your mailbox at the EAR-Portal. The notification is obligatory for every producer, even if no electrical appliances were sold or disposed of.

We conduct the annual statistics report for customers of our reporting service. You can book this service at any time - if you are interested, let us know.

Note for our reporting service customers

In order to be able to conduct the annual statistics report, we require the following Information:

  • B2B quantities - per type of device - that you placed on the market or had disposed of in 2019, if applicable
  • The volume flow records from your waste disposal company, if applicable
  • Information on taking back own electrical equipment, if applicable

Affected customers were informed about this in a separate Mailing.