UKCA-marking starting 2025: The CE product marking will still be valid in Great Britain for another two years

By extending the deadline for UKCA labeling, the British government is prioritizing the growth of the national economy. Therefore, companies have two more years to deal with product labeling in Great Britain.

The following postponements should be noted:

  • The UKCA marking-deadline will postpone from 31st December 2022, to 31st December 2024.
  • The CE conformity assessments prepared by 31st December 2024, may be used as the basis for UKCA marking until           31st December 2027

The companies should not be additionally burdened by costs of further test reports or costs for labeling.  In addition, the topic of labeling is to be completely reconsidered. Here, for example, the British government is already talking about "eLabelling" in order to keep costs as low as possible for companies in the future. 

Furthermore, a special arrangement applies to products from EEA countries. These may have the UKCA mark and the information of the importer enclosed on an accompanying document or label until the end of 2027. 

Nothing changes for Northern Ireland. The CE mark and a UKNI label will continue to apply if a British conformity assessment body has been consulted. 

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