Uncertainty about the registration of electrical cables and sockets

In recent weeks, there have been queries and some uncertainty about whether or not electrical cables and sockets will be subject to the ElektroG as a result of the Open Scope and therefore need to be registered with stiftung ear. Contrary to other statements made, stiftung ear has now clarified the following:

There will be no fundamental changes in the classification of simple electrical cables and sockets in 2018. In concrete terms this means that simple extension cords, standard USB cables, simple “Schuko”-style power sockets and simple light switches with no additional functions (e.g. status LED or signal amplification) will continue not to be subject to the ElektroG in Germany, and do not therefore require registration with stiftung ear. An overview of all the categories can be found on the stiftung ear website (in German).

The question whether or not cables etc. are subject to the WEEE Directive is handled differently from one country to the next. For example, in some other EU countries in which the Open Scope is being implemented next year, extension cords are in fact subject to the law. If you need help in complying with the specific laws of individual countries, or registering in other European countries, feel free to contact us.