WEEE Guarantee System elects new advisory board

A new advisory board was appointed for the WEEE Guarantee System in 2022. The members are made up of companies participating in the warranty system.

The new members are:

  • Jürgen Wörhoff (Chairman)
    Vodafone GmbH

  • Guido Eulenpesch (Vice Chairman)
    Brother International GmbH

  • Cecile Boisseau
    Canon Deutschland GmbH

  • Felix Elschner
    Epson Deutschland GmbH

  • Michael Eschle
    Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

  • Thomas Fehling
    IBM Deutschland GmbH

  • Marlies Kainz
    Tech Data GmbH & Co. OHG

  • Petra Krauß
    KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH

  • Jens Tosa
    Wacom Europe GmbH

Further information about the advisory board and the Guarantee System.

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