Our WEEE Guarantee System's Advisory Board

Our WEEE Guarantee System has an Advisory Board, which keeps a constant eye on our customers’ interests and ensures that the design of the guarantee system takes these into account. This Advisory Board is elected once every two years by the customers of our collective WEEE Guarantee System. The Advisory Board ensures that weee full-service fulfils all its duties as the administrator of the guarantee system, and in addition it serves in an advisory capacity. All key decisions regarding the collective guarantee system are jointly agreed with the Advisory Board.



Peter Cossé (Chair)
Toshiba Europe GmbH

Michael Eschle
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

Guido Eulenpesch (Co-chair)
Brother International GmbH

Erich Guenter
IBM Deutschland GmbH

Detlef Herb
KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH

Franz-Josef Hock
S u. K Hock GmbH

Rolf Mayer
AXION AG Mobile Multimedia Systems

Daniel Hahn
Canon Deutschland GmbH

Manuel Stobbe
Technolit GmbH

Jürgen Wörhoff
Vodafone GmbH