Recent developments of the ElektroG

As of 1st June 2017, a number of changes in the ElektroG have come into force:

Retailers obligation to take back electrical equipment (Handelsrücknahme)

Retailers of electrical equipment must take back up to five old appliances per class of device from June 1st 2017 on. A more specific wording has been adopted in the German Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), replacing the phrase “usual household quantities”. At the same time, retailers face fines of up to 100,000 € if they fail to honour their duty to take back electrical equipment. The obligation to take back appliances applies to (online) retailers with a sales or storage area of at least 400 m² for electrical and electronic appliances.

Should you require any assistance in fulfilling your obligation as a retailer to take back appliances, you can simply register with us.

Revised Waste Management Officer Regulation

According to the German Waste Management Officer Regulation (AbfBeauftrV), as of 1 June 2017, companies that are obliged to take back equipment (Handelsrücknahme) must appoint a Waste Management Officer. The task of the Waste Management Officer includes monitoring the accruing waste from its collection to its disposal.

It is possible for companies to minimise the bureaucratic work or be exempted from this obligation:

  • Commissioning a Waste Management Officer from outside the company (§ 5 AbfBeauftrV),
  • Having the duties performed by a Waste Management Officer from within the group (§ 6 AbfBeauftrV),
  • Exemption from the obligation to appoint a Waste Management Officer (§ 7 AbfBeauftrV).

To do so, a application must be submitted to the authorities in charge in the appropriate German state (Bundesland). The Hamburg environmental protection agency has published sample documents for this purpose.

Bitkom Servicegesellschaft is planning to support you by offering certified training courses for prospective Waste Management Officers in the context of the laws on electrical equipment, as well as the Waste Management Officer Regulations, which will be held this year. If you are interested, get in touch with us!

Open Scope

The transition period for Open Scope ends on 15 August 2018. There will be changes in the classification of products by different types of appliance. The precise framework has yet to be defined by stiftung ear. There is currently no need for action. Our weee full-service ensures that you comply with all legal requirements.

With the help of our WEEEline, we will keep you updated on further developments. If you have any questions about the changes, please get in touch with us!


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