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CE - List of requirements
We create a list of EU directives and standards applicable to the CE conformity of your product in English language.

Note: for Great Britain a separate list is available (UK CA)
EU declaration of conformity including CE list of requirements (No. 1.)
Additionally available
Translation service
Technical documentation
including CE list of requirements (No. 1.)
and EU declaration of conformity (No.2.)
We create the technical documentation for your product, including the CE requirements list and an EU DoC, in one language of your choice.

Prerequisite for this service: You provide all necessary documents in accordance with the CE requirements list.
Further languages for EU DoC, see 2.1
Additionally available
Service for Archiving and Updating the Technical Documentation
We archive your technical documentation so that you comply with your statutory retention obligation (10 years) and have access to your documents in the event of official enquiries.

We will inform you if, during the distribution period of your product, new regulatory changes come into effect which require modifications of the technical documentation.
Check of operating instructions, type plate and packaging
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