Labelling and informational duties according to the ElektroG

Obligations pursuant to ElektroG

The ElektroG states that manufacturers have certain obligations towards consumers in terms of labelling and providing information:

  • Once the registration has been granted, companies are required to display their WEEE registration number when offering products, as well as on invoices (§ 6 Para. 3 ElektroG).
  • Every electrical or electronic product you put on the market must be uniquely labelled to identify the manufacturer (e.g. via the brand) as well as bearing a crossed-out wheeled bin with a bar beneath it, in accordance with DIN EN 50419.
  • Companies also have certain duties in terms of providing information for consumers. A sample template is shown below.

Additional information about this is available in the FAQ section of the Stiftung EAR website (available only in German).


Sample text for fulfilling the duty to provide information pursuant to §18 ElektroG

The following is an example of how to fulfil your duty to provide information pursuant to §18 ElektroG. Please note that this is just an example and is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice on your specific case.

1. Disposing of waste electrical and electronic equipment

The crossed-out wheeled bin means that you are obliged by law to dispose of this equipment separately from the unsorted municipal waste collection system. Disposing of it in the residual waste bin or the yellow bin for recyclable materials is prohibited. If the product contains one-way batteries or rechargeable batteries that are not permanently installed, these must be removed before disposing of the product and be disposed of separately as batteries.

2. Ways of returning waste electrical and electronic equipment

Owners of waste electrical and electronic equipment are allowed to return them to those facilities for returning or collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment set up and provided by the public-sector waste disposal authorities, to ensure that the waste electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of correctly. The following link leads to an online registry of the available collection and take-back sites:

3. Data privacy

We should point out to all end-users of waste electrical and electronic equipment that they themselves are responsible for deleting all personal data from the waste electrical and electronic equipment to be disposed of.

4. WEEE registration number

We are registered as a manufacturer of electrical and/or electronic equipment with registration number DExxxxxxxx at stiftung elektro-altgeräte register, Benno-Strauß-Str. 1, 90763 Fürth.