Acquisition of documents for CE labelling

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In addition to the technical documentation we provide support in obtaining the required documents from your suppliers and assume responsibility for the inquiry, including sending an one-time reminder. If required, we provide your
suppliers with an explanation of the individual requirements. 


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Costumized CE services according to your exact requirements

We take responsibility within the entire CE conformity process. Therefor we offer you a full variety of services to choose from. You decide which service is relevant and helpful for you. 

We offer the following services:

  • CE - List of requirements 
  • Technical documentation, including CE requirements list and an EU CE declaration of conformity (EU DoC)
  • Support in obtaining the documents 
  • CE declaration of conformity (EU DoC),incl. CE requirements list
  • Additional language(s) for the CE declaration of conformity (EU DoC)
  • Archiving the technical documentation
  • Updating regulatory requirements
  • Modification of the technical documentation and/or the EU DoC in order to comply with regulatory changes

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