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If you trade in electronic products in the EU, we can help you fulfil the legal requirements associated with selling and disposing of your products in line with the WEEE Directive, the German Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), the Batteries Act (BattG) and the packaging regulations (VerpackV). Working with us, you have a single contact through whom you can meet all your legal obligations.

weee full-service emerged from the WEEE Guarantee System with which we have been supporting companies from all industries to sell their products in Germany ever since 2005. We are an international team of 13 people who look after our customers on an individual basis. For us, this means that each customer has a personal contact in our offices, who provides continuous support and advice.

More than 3,000 small and medium enterprises, as well as global players from all over the world, are already benefiting from our know-how. Join them!

weee full-service Garantiesystem Elektroaltgeräte

We offer more than 10 years of experience in working together with the respective authorities.
weee full-service has existed ever since the ElektroG came into force in 2005. This means our WEEE Guarantee System is the oldest guarantee system on the market. We now offer more than ten years of experience in working together with the national register for waste electrical equipment, stiftung ear.

We have the largest guaranteed volume and offer favourable terms and conditions.
Our guarantee is worth 450 million euros, the highest volume on the market. This means we can offer our customers lower premiums for our WEEE Guarantee System. Beyond this, we have a large network of partners, allowing us to put together tailor-made and therefore inexpensive offers for you.

We are international.
We are a multicultural team – drawn from seven nations, speaking nine languages and serving customers from 37 countries. We have set up an international network and are expanding our it all the time.

We are in close contact with lawmakers.
Our origins in the digital association Bitkom mean that we are close to the political stage in Berlin, and always up to date concerning the latest legislation. Often, we can tell early on in which direction the legal framework is shifting and therefore prepare our customers for what the future may hold.

We contribute to the circular economy.
Our service contributes to a functional circular economy, thereby helping to protect the environment. Recycling end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment allows resources to be conserved, including rare minerals that are often mined under hazardous conditions in developing countries. In addition, registered companies finance facilities where consumers can return their end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment. The large range of such facilities available prevents end-of-life equipment from being illegally dumped in the countryside or landfills in developing countries.

Facts and figures

More than 10 years of experience
Moran than 3,000 customers from 37 countries
Partners all over the world
Oldest guarantee system

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weee full-service is a business unit of Bitkom Servicegesellschaft 

weee full-service is part of Bitkom Servicegesellschaft. Bitkom Servicegesellschaft is a company within the digital association Bitkom, and offers numerous services on top of weee full-service: