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Open Scope: Current situation in Austria – cords, cables and sockets are covered by the regulations for waste electrical and electronic equipment

Open Scope Österreich Kabel Steckdosen

As in Germany, other European countries also have to introduce the Open Scope with new categories, in accordance with the WEEE Directive  2012/19/EC. Since the implementation varies from one EU country to the next, manufacturers of electrical equipment should find out in good time the current situation in the respective countries in which they operate.


Bitkom Servicegesellschaft has a new partner: the quality certificate EHI Geprüfter Online-Shop

Gütesiegel EHI Geprüfter Online-Shop
Vertrauen ist einer der Schlüsselfaktoren für die Kaufentscheidung im Online-Shop. Das Gütesiegel EHI Geprüfter Online-Shop leistet durch die zuverlässige Prüfung Ihre Online-Shops einen wichtigen Beitrag zum Umsatzwachstum. Im Mittelpunkt steht das intensive Prüf- und Beratungsverfahren von AGB, Produktseiten, Preisangaben, Bestellvorgang, Kundenkommunikation und Usability, das alle Siegelträger durchlaufen müssen.

Final reporting of electrical equipment sold in 2017: Adjustments to guarantee possible with stiftung EAR

Abschlussmeldung ElektroG 2017

Every year, the national register for waste electrical equipment (stiftung EAR) requires companies that sell electrical equipment to submit a valid guarantee. This guarantee is based on the volume of electrical and electronic equipment which the company expects to sell. Companies now have the opportunity to adjust their guarantee for 2017 in line with the numbers actually sold. The change in the volume also has to be registered within the EAR system.

Please note the following:


ElektroG, open scope & more: Our events and seminars in 2018

15 August 2018 is the big day: the so-called open scope comes into force, meaning that additional electronic products (e.g. smart clothing or furniture with electrical features) will have to comply with the ElektroG. Weee full-service is offering its customers, as well as all other manufacturers and retailers of electronic products who are affected by this change, numerous seminars and workshops that provide information about the new legal requirements. Participation in our informational events is free of charge.