Registrierung und Meldung bei der stiftung ear: Was ist eine B2B-Registrierung?

A B2B registration is needed if a producer markets equipment which is only used in other than private households or which is commonly not used in private households. The way of distribution is not decisive, but the site of possible usage.

Examples for These B2B products are street lighting, cash registers, and servers. For a B2B Registration, no insolvency safe guarantee needs to be provided. However, an explanation of the following questions must be sent to stiftung ear:

  • What equipment is it exactly, that is to be placed on the market and for which registration under the respective brand is being applied for?
  • What is the equipment used for?
  • Why does the equipment normally not occur in private households?

We are happy to assist you with the B2B-Registration of your products. Please contact us for a quote. Further Information you can find on the Website of Stiftung EAR.