Changes of the ElektroG-scope: „Passive“ devices will be subjected by the German law from 1.5.2019 on

Stiftung EAR has announced that from 1st May 2019 on, so called „passive“ devices – therefore electronic products  which simply conduct electricity and signals – are subjected by the ElektroG.

According to Stiftung EAR, the new regulations only affect “appliances which are designed to be operated at AC voltages of no more than 1000 volts or DC voltages of no more than 1500 volts, such as ready-made extension cords, light switches, wall sockets, busbars etc.” Components such as cables in the form of bulk stock, wire-end sleeves, and ring terminals continue not to be subject to the ElektroG.

When you are a producer of passive devices, please enrol for your registration as soon as possible for these products at Stiftung EAR. This is only necessary when you do not have a registration yet for the according type of equipment. „Passive“ devices belong to product category 4-6 depending on size and function.

Attention: The processing time of registration requests at Stiftung EAR take up to twelve weeks. You have to enrol the registration requests at the latest in February so that your registration is released on 1st May 2019.

Contact us in case you need to register new products.


The following products are „passive“ devices according to Stiftung EAR and need to be registered:


  • Outdoor antenna
  • Roof antenna
  • Dipole antenna
  • Rod antenna
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Cord antenna
  • Indoor antenna

Adapter, jack, connector

  • Adapter (e.g. DisplayPort to HDMI, DVI-HDMI, USB to Micro-USB)
  • Jack adapter (e.g. 2.5” to 3.5 mm)
  • Low-voltage coupler
  • Travel plug
  • Telephone junction box, telephone adapter
  • Connecting plug

Socket, wall plug

... for permanent installation or attachment (e.g. wall, floor, machine) or DIN rails:

  • Antenna socket, antenna junction box
  • High-voltage, three-phase socket
  • Telephone socket

Ready-made cable

  • Audio cable
  • DisplayPort cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Cable reel
  • USB cable
  • USB extension cable
  • Extension cord/cable

Switch, push button

... for permanent installation or attachment (e.g. wall, floor, machine) or DIN rails:

  • Light switch
  • Emergency-Off Switch

Electric fuse

  • Microfuse
  • HRC fuse
  • Electric fuse


Source: Stiftung EAR

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