Final reporting of electrical equipment sold in 2018: Adjustments to guarantee possible with stiftung EAR

Every year, the national register for waste electrical equipment (stiftung EAR) requires companies that sell electrical equipment to submit a valid guarantee. This guarantee is based on the volume of electrical and electronic equipment which the company expects to sell. Companies now have the opportunity to adjust their guarantee for 2018 in line with the numbers actually sold. The change in the volume also has to be registered within the EAR-system.

Please note the following:

  • The numbers must always be adjusted if the original planned quantities have been exceeded.
  • The guaranteed amount may be found in the EAR-system under the heading „Aufgaben“ > „Zugeordneten Garantiebetrag erhöhen“.
  • If no changes of the guaranteed amount are necessary, no further steps are required.
  • Important note for the adjustment: Please send us first the additional guarantee amount which is required so we can issue the guarantee. Afterwards, please adjust the new guarantee in the EAR-system.