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Is your business affected by the European Directive on Batteries?

If you sell electronic products that include batteries in Europe, or if you manufacture, sell or import batteries, then your business model must comply with the European Directive on Batteries (Directive 2006/66/EC), and you are subject to the individual laws that apply in the respective countries concerning importing and trading in batteries.

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28 EU members – 28 different implementations of the Directive on Batteries

In many countries that are members of the European Union, the Directive on Batteries requires you to register batteries before market launch, to regularly report the numbers you have sold and to ensure that they are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. There is no European-wide registration authority; instead you must register separately for each country. We can offer you a tailor-made compliance solution for the entire European Union, as well as Norway and Switzerland.

European-wide registration, reporting and disposal

We can help you to sell your batteries and products quickly and in compliance with the European Directive on Batteries in the countries of your choice. While you concentrate on your core business, you will be benefiting from our global network and our experience in working together with the individual national authorities. Together with our selected partners, we offer you:

  • Consultancy about the legal requirements that apply in each country
  • Analyse in which country you need to register your products and draw up an overview of the costs involved
  • Registration and reporting to the authorities and national take-back systems
  • Disposing of the batteries
  • Handling all communications with the authorities, as well as partners and authorised representatives

More than 3,500 small and medium enterprises, as well as global players from all over the world, already benefit from our experience – join them!

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Legal background: The European Directive on Batteries 2006/66/EC

The European Directive on Batteries 2006/66/EC was adopted in Europe at 6th September 2006. The members of the European Union had until 26th September 2008 to transpose it into national law. The Directive on Batteries was implemented in many different ways and varies from country to country. The aim of the Directive on Batteries is to increase the percentage of batteries that are returned and recycled, since they contain not only valuable raw materials but also substances that are hazardous to the environment and to people’s health. Further, it levies limits for the use of hazardous substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury. The Directive on Batteries requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of batteries to contribute to the cost of disposing of the batteries (extended producer responsibility; responsibility for taking back and disposing of batteries). For this purpose, each country has its own take-back system.