Service for packaging in Europe

Is your business affected by the European Packaging Directive?

If you sell products in packaging or offer packaging on the European market as a manufacturer, distributor, importer or online retailer, then your business model is governed by the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (Directive 94/62/EC) and you are subject to the individual laws that apply in the respective countries concerning manufacturing and trading in packaging.



Lizenzierung und Entsorgung von Transport- und Verkaufsverpackungen


28 EU members – 28 different implementations of the Packaging Directive

The Packaging Directive dictates the fact that and the manner in which packaging must be disposed of in EU member states. Companies are obliged to participate in a national take-back system in the respective country and to purchase a packaging licence.

Our Service in cooperation with our partner: European-wide registration and licence

d licensing have to be carried out separately for each country. There is no European-wide registration authority. Together with our partners, we offer you a convenient solution that allows you to meet your legal obligations. Just a few steps and you will be ready to go:

  •  Complete the questionnaire on the volume of packaging materials to be sold and return it to us 
  •  Receive a tailor-made offer
  •  Register – and you’re done!

The cost depends of the type and weight of packaging.


Is your business affected by the Batteries Act (BattG)?

Legal background: The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC

The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC came into force on 20th September 1994, whereupon the EU member states were obliged to transpose it into national law. The way in which the Packaging Directive is implemented varies from country to country. The aim of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive is to avoid and reclaim waste packaging in order to protect the environment. For example, the directive defines targets for processing and recycling packaging waste. The law requires manufacturers, distributors or importers of packaging or packaged products to contribute to the cost of waste disposal (extended producer responsibility or responsibility for taking back and disposing of packaging). For this purpose, each country set up its own take-back system who are issuing the needed licenses.